NodeJs development

We help our customers to build scalable and faster real-time applications with Node.js.

As a leading Node.js development company, we always focus on exceeding the expectations of our clients through our customized Node.js development services. After taking into account the requirements of our clients and their target audience, we create seamless and flexible real-time applications.
Node.js is an open source cross platform JavaScript runtime platform that helps executing JavaScript code on the server side.

Customer centric Node.js solutions

Our Node.js developers leverage the power of numerous frameworks including, Express.js, and Hapi.js. We help our customers utilize Node.js to build scalable and faster real-time applications. Node.js can help build:
  • Web and mobile applications
  • Real-time applications
  • Blockchain applications
  • IoT applications
  • API for games and other real-time applications
At Mahi IT Services, we start the process by understanding your exact Node.js requirements to deliver exactly what you are looking for. We have the resources required for rapid and cost effective Node.js web development, and we can easily help build I/O bound or event driven applications.
Further, our team can also make sure the applications that are developed can seamlessly handle connections from various systems. In fact, with our excellent command over Node.js, you can be assured that we can do justice to your diversified demands.
The many benefits of of Node.js include:

Sky High Performance

Node.js takes advantage of the lightning fast V8 JavaScript engine which is developed by Google. As a result, Node.js is the most optimum technology for building an application that can quickly read and write to the filesystem or the internet.

Highly Scalable

Node.js applications are highly scalable as compared to other traditional web application frameworks, which means you can easily scale the applications we develop for you as your company scales in size.


There is no better framework for real-time applications like chat engines and games than Node.js because it supports WebSockets, that are concurrent two-way communication channels between the client and the server side.

Full cycle Node.js development and implementation

Our expertise in Node.js development is reflected in the services that we provide. We also work as technology consultants to understand your business requirements and recommend the right development path. Our uniqueness lies in taking a customized approach to every project. Here are some of the many Node.js development services that we offer:

Node.js API development

Our developers utilize the Node.js platform to build APIs that are fast, scalable, and easily integrated into other applications.

Node.js REST API development and integration

By integrating Node.js with stateless client cache server REST and modules, we can help build REST APIs with a high level for customization.
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